A beautiful African country in the world of Marvel Hero’s. Home to the superhero the Black Panther.

WAKANDA in the dictionary means the worship of nature among indigenous North American peoples.

Both are beautiful connotations of the word WAKANDA and somehow capture the essence of ONEWAY. In our Wakanda collection the garments are mostly made In darker hues blues and black. The styles are predominantly casual, comfortable yet elegant in the  simplicity of their style, the ONEWAY trademark.
The somber colors are subtlety uplifted by using bright beautiful Kitenge fabric on parts of the garments to give a colorful accent. For example on some pockets, detailing on the plackets of shirts where the button holes are, a strip of color across a t shirt or just a dash of color on the sleeves. Sometimes we use embroidery and Kitenge to embellish the garments thus making  our collection very  unique. Kitenge is African fabric made in bright colors usually in a batik like print. Sometimes the fabric is waxed. It is 100% cotton and is printed across sub-Saharan Africa from west Africa to and including east Africa. Kitenge fabric usually has bold prints in brazenly vibrant colors. In African tradition entire garments are made for occasion wear in this beautiful fabric.

We do hope you enjoy this fusion of cultures that our WAKANDA collection offers!


By producing locally, we do not only want to create employment but also aim to be a fair employer. We are therefore a member of the World Fair Trade Association WFTO and therefore adhere to the 10 fair trade principles: Opportunities for disadvantages producers, Transparency & Accountability, Fair Trade practices, Fair Payment, No Child and Forced Labour, No Discrimination, Good Working Conditions, Capacity Building, Promote fair Trade and Respect for the Environment. If you want to learn more about the World Fair Trade Standards please visit WFTO website We are proud that some of our employees have been with us since the company was founded thirty years ago.

Special deal for international Shipment: Flat rate shipping for the first 2ks!