One Way Kenya Team

Life is all about the memories you make. Africa is a continent oozing with culture, beauty and love. ONEWAY was born from the longing to replay a beautiful memory in time. Many travellers visit Kenya and want to have a piece of Africa to take back home with them. We capture the beauty of Kenya and freeze the memories in our clothes; in our accessories; in our brand.

Our products are made by Kenyan hands, using mainly Kenyan materials, representing the region. We captured our wildlife, our people, our escarpments and even Swahili phrases that remind us of home. When you wear a ONEWAY t-shirt or gift someone with a ONEWAY bracelet, you are reliving a memory that will last you a lifetime and preserve the African heritage .

By producing locally, we do not only want to create employment but also aim to be a fair employer. We are therefore a member of the World Fair Trade Association WFTO and therefore adhere to the 10 fair trade principles: Opportunities for disadvantages producers, Transparency & Accountability, Fair Trade practices, Fair Payment, No Child and Forced Labour, No Discrimination, Good Working Conditions, Capacity Building, Promote fair Trade and Respect for the Environment. If you want to learn more about the World Fair Trade Standards please visit WFTO website We are proud that some of our employees have been with us since the company was founded thirty years ago.

Special deal for international Shipment: Flat rate shipping for the first 2ks!